Relaxed Fixation

Show me how to live.
Everything around me is alive.
Reveal the importance of love and happiness.
Even now, I am afraid of losing grip.
Never have I experienced something so intimidating
I am engulfed by the earth around me.
Time seems much slower than before.
You've done what you could,
I am alive.

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic treatments. It comes from India and China, where it was used since ancient times. Massage was one of the medicinal therapy.
In ancient Greece the athletes participating in the games were massaged.
The development of classical massage took place in Europe in the nineteenth century by the Swedish and Dutch doctor, who in turn developed its methodology and determined the range of indications and contraindications.
The mechanism of the massage therapy can be divided into local and overall.
Local effect is the direct effect of the massage to the body (blood flow, lymph supply of nutrients, elimination of waste products).
General influence is based on stimulation of the nervous system that affects all organs and systems of the body.

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